The Smart Women’s Guide: How to Make Your Lawn Mower Easy To Start Every Time

This guide is designed to eliminate the frustrations of a hard to start lawn mower and other outdoor power equipment. It also will help save time and money spent on needless repairs.

* Not a repair or fix it manual
* Prevent problems before they happen with simple strategies
* Written for Women- designed so your comfortable in taking these steps.

Most of us don’t want to spend our valuable time learning how to repair a lawn mower or any small engine for that matter. That time could be spent enjoying the family or reading your new book you been dying to get to. Taking a few simple steps in your care, can eliminate hard starting and many repairs.

* An ounce of prevention in caring for your machine pays huge dividends.
* Discover why your fuel management is most important tip to starting.
* Read why washing a mower isn’t always a good practice.
* What to do about Ethanol blends in your fuel purchases.

The information in the guide doesn’t have you buy some “snake oil” or ” power pills” developed in some secret lab accident. It gets back to preventative care and the recommendations of repair shops, equipment manufactures, and small engine repair technicians.
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