The Lawn Mower: Based on actual events

Nothing could prepare young Seth for the day that would turn his entire world not only upside down, but displaced in an entirely different universe altogether – when his father announces to the family that he is leaving them.

The one constant that would prove to be his salvation however, would not be a close loved one, or a childhood pet, but rather… a lawn mower.
Through his eternal and relentless struggle to prove to himself his own capacity to operate such a rustic machine (and for reasons beyond just self-control and proof of maturation), Seth will encounter obstacles, earth-shattering revelations and universal trials that will test both his courage and tenacity…and in the end, help him discover one of life’s mysterious lessons:

It’s inevitable that everyone falls down sooner or later, but deciding to get back up and continue forward is entirely up to you.


“This changes everything…

One mother; two faces. He couldn’t help but sit there frustrated with himself for not having realized sooner that all along he had been taken for a fantasy ride based on lies and deception. His perceived view of a once perfect world, and its very definition of reality, would never be the same from that day onward.”
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