Reel Lawn Mower Sharpening Kit for 16″ Mowers

  • No need to brush on messy abrasive paste with this sharpening kit
  • Easily attaches to 16″ reel mowers in minutes. Got a hacksaw? Then you can trim it and use it on 14″ mowers too!
  • Once attached, hand tighten plastic knobs and push to sharpen. Measures 16″ long and fits a wide variety of push reel cylinder mowers
  • Includes 3 abrasive pads.
  • Works with Great States and American Lawnmower models 404-16, 415-16, 705-16, 1404-16, 1415-16, 1705-16, Sears Craftsman 138.37670 2500101

This push reel lawnmower sharpening kit for 16″ wide blades includes two parts – a railed backstop, and three self adhesive abrasive pads. The backstop fits onto the bottom of the mower and holds the abrasive pad in contact with the mower blades. The backstop attaches with a pair of screw clamps, and then all you have to do is push the mower around to sharpen the blades. As they brush against the abrasive strip, any rust, dings, burls, or dings will scrub away, making the blade even and sharp again.

While the sharpener is attached, the mower will be slightly more difficult to push than normal. After a few rotations, the blades will sharpen up and the sharpener can be removed. The sharpener should not be used while mowing — use it on a surface like a flat driveway to sharpen.

Abrasive pads are made with aluminum oxide, and each pad can be used several times before it needs replacing. They work just like a sheet of extra fine sandpaper, except that they can hold up to the stress and deliver a smooth, even finish to the edge of your blades.

A clean edge to reel mower blades is important because it will result in smoother mowing action. Sharp blades are less likely to catch on the grass, so they produce a smoother and healthier lawn. Mowers with sharp blades are easier to push, gentler on sore joints, and make less noise. This reel mower sharpener is a good choice. If you have a smaller 14″ reel mower, you can use this sharpening kit if you have a hacksaw and cut off 2″ on one side of the kit.
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$ 27.99