Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag- Never Rake Again

$ 69.50

  • Super Size your existing 2 or 3 bin grass catcher and save hours of work.
  • Converts your lawn tractor into a huge riding vacuum. Pick those leaves up with your tractor, not your back.
  • Over or Under the Hood mounting design minimizes leaves blowing on the driver. Dual drawstring clasps to hold tight and has a quick release pull cord for easy opening.
  • Holds over 50 Cubic Feet or 40 bushels of material, the largest bag on the market, and has easy to dump tapered shape.
  • Don’t have a grass catcher on your tractor, our Lawn Tractor Leaf Vacuum Conversion Kit provides the solution. Call us toll free at 877-530-9084

Over 11 years of proven service. Our universal design fits both the 2 or 3-bin grass catchers whether front or side chute. Our Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag holds over 40 bushels of material, more than six times the small 6 1/2 bushels a typical 2-bag lawn tractor grass catcher holds. It is tapered for better air flow and easier emptying. It is MADE IN THE USA out of a lightweight recycled polyester material for strength and wear resistance. NOTE- color of material may vary. Other applications include attaching the bag to your leaf blower/vacuum to replace the small shoulder bag. Our bag also attaches to chippers to increase the size of the collection bag. Buy 3 and get 20% off all three leaf bags. That reduces the cost to less than each.
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$ 69.50


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