Good Vibrations 110 Start Me Up Full Grip Lawn Mower Starter Handle (Colors May Vary)

  • Don’t wait for your rope to break – get a better handle now!
  • Special design prevents rope from slipping into engine
  • Durable soft-grip material
  • Replacement rope also included
  • Patent Pending

The Start Me Up full-Grip starter handle is a large replacement handle for�lawn mowers, snow throwers, generators, snowmobiles, boats, etc.� It has a special design that�allows you to�replace your old handle in seconds, and prevents the rope from slipping into �the engine.� It makes starting much easier!� It is made from a very durable soft-grip material and comes in Green, Red, or Gray.�� Also included is a Dura Tuff Rope.� Patent Pending
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